We invite you for a journey, a 4-day collective inquiry, a full immersion into Collective Presencing.
Collective Presencing is a brand new practice and a conceptual framework for people/leaders: 

who believe new capacities are needed in these challenging times.

who understand the power and importance of connecting to the emerging future. 

who realise that our combined subtle sensing and inner knowing is needed for reaching collective clarity.

Building on Theory U and Presencing (by Otto Scharmer), we will collectively focus and dive deep into the profound experience of the phase of letting go – letting come, where we learn to be at ease with not-knowing-yet; as an opening to novel insights and emergence.


"The limiting factor of transformational change is not a lack of vision or ideas, but an inability to sense - that is, to see deeply, sharply, and collectively."
Otto Scharmer

We invite anyone who is a leader – leading in some way in life and/or work:
-  to explore their authentic call in life.
-  to aim for systemic innovation beyond personal gain.
-  to look seriously how to access emergence of the truly novel.

We expect that you know (and use?) Theory U as a powerful framework and Presencing (and/or any kind of mindfulness) as a crucial practice.